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Commercial and Investment Real Estate Services

Linda Hopkins possesses extensive experience in handling all types of real estate matters for the commercial real estate client, from the routine to the complex. Whether you need a help with a purchase, sale or lease, or need financing documents, you will be efficiently assisted and legally protected. Some representative services include:

Purchase / Sales & Purchase Agreements

Assisting buyers and sellers with transaction paperwork, assisting with negotiation of key issues, counseling clients on due diligence issues, expert drafting of protective provisions for Agreements of Sale and addenda, attendance at closings, escrow agreements.

Title Review

Title examination and resolution of title issues and assisting clients in choosing the right way to title real estate for various transactions.

Loan Documentation

Negotiation and preparation of all necessary loan documents including notes, mortgages, guaranty agreements.


Drafting and negotiation of leases for landlords and tenants. Leases for Class A, B and C office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, franchises, investment properties, industrial properties.

Deeds / Easements

Preparation, and recording of deeds and easements.

Real Estate Tax Appeals

Reducing real estate taxes through the real estate appeal process.

Formation of Business Entities

This includes limited liability companies and partnerships.